Chapter 3. Plant Explorer and Engineering Workplace

3.1. Its objectives Upon completing this chapter, you’ll be able to: Describes the common structure in Aspect Directory Navigating in the Plant Explorer Define / configure the aspect and object Using the same object in different structures 3.2. Plant Explorer / Engineering Workplace Plant Explorer / Engineering Workplace is the main tool used to configure System 800xA as well as all project work is done by the application [...]

Chapter 2. Architecture System 800xA

2.1. Its objectives Upon completing this chapter, you’ll be able to: Describe network structure in architecture 800xA Describe the function of the main components Explain the concept of Aspect and Object Explain the principles of the system Client / Server 2.2. Overview of the system Industrial IT 800xA system (abbreviated: IIT800xA) is a system of comprehensive automation. It includes the operation and configuration of the controller application continuous and [...]

Chapter 1. Introduction to the course content 800xA and ABB Mineral library

1.1. Purpose Learn operation and configuration automation system 800xA Minerals library use. After completing this course, students grasp the system architecture of the automation system and the hardware components of the system. Students can configure, modify and test the application program of the controller using the Control Builder programming software M. participants can operate the Process Portal and establish process control graphics, charts [...]